01/02/2019: PV panel at 40% efficiency + heat production

décembre 6, 2017 issamsemlali No comments exist


No doubt that today the record of PV efficiency belongs to SOITEC that has reached 46% (four junctions with concentractor) according to NREL and which is still at a research stage.

But here we have a commercial prototype of a very rare PV panels which specs are:

  • Triple junction which deliver 40% efficiency.
  • Combined heat and power.
  • Concentrate solar rays up to 600 suns (60.000 W/m2).
  • Dual axis tracking system.


As the product is still in its initiation phase, the costs ($/Kw installed and $/Kwh) are probably high.

An industrialization of several products will contribute strongly to the trivialization of such technologies, and taking into account that the efficiency of PV cells is capped theoritically (so no outstanding progress is expected), maybe that investors are just waiting a new stable raise tendency for fossil fuels before investment…

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